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Does my business need a Web Site ?

In assessing whether you need a web site for your business you have to ask yourself the following questions:
  • How could a Web Site benefit me?
  • Is there a quantifiable benefit that having a web site will provide?
  • What do I want the web site to do?
To answer the above, take a look at the ways a Web Site can benefit your Business.
1. Advertise / Promote
A web site is a tremendous way to make others aware for the first time of your business. Its your Business Case or your Show Room that's available for potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2. Persuade
A web site can be a great way to position your business in the best possible way. It helps to convince prospects, who may be, "Just Looking," at your goods and/or services, to meet their needs.
3. Inform
A web site can be a great source of information for visitors.
4. Generate Qualified Leads
It is a fabulous way for you to establish credibility and position you as expert and experience. Serious visitors will contact you after viewing, if your services or products satisfy their needs.
5. Build Brand Awareness
A quality site reflects very positively on the branding of your business.
6. Sell Your Stuff
You can increase market penetration for goods or services to a World -Wide market, rather the traditional 5km radius of your physical location.
7. More Efficiency
Dealing with orders / bookings, more efficiently.
8. Reduced Workload
Reduction of Personnel ( ie: Customer Service Staff ).