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NO! Its not another affiliate scam.

It's so simple, you give us a lead, we sell it, we get paid and you get paid.

Word of mouth still proves to be the strongest form of advertising and this is how we advertise. If you deal with Small Businesses over the phone, face to face or if you are someone with a lot of contacts, this is your chance to earn the extra dollars in the most simpliest way possible.
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Give us a contact and earn money today! 
Start making money with that contact you have! It may be your client, your friend or anyone who you know that needs a website.

Website Names Design and Hosting offers very competitive, affordable & professional Web Design services to Small and Meduim Business. We offer $50 commission per website design lead. It's easy and it's completely FREE to register.

How does it work?
It's so simple. All you have to do is  register for free, give us the contact information of the lead, we contact the business that you have referred. If your lead is converted to a sale, we will pay you $50 commission. Encourage your work collegues and friends to register  and you can earn an extra $5 on their converted Website Design leads. 
Why should you register ?
Money is the answer!! Think about what can you do with an extra $50 cash in your pocket on a Friday afternoon !!!

Why not earn extra money with the contacts you have working in your own industry? You can be a Customer care, or sales consultant, a builder, or anyone, We have great products at incredible prices and so in return, the customer or friend that you refer to us will benefit. When customers find us, they sign up because we offer really great products at amazing prices. Those sales can mean big commission cheques for you. Why not give us a try. It's free.

Once you register , the approval is instant and you can start earning money immediately.